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Pampanga, Philippines is a home of more than 17,600 of indigenous people (data from National Commission of Indigenous People Region 3 survey). Much known as “AYTA” tribe, normally located in the mountainous portion of the province. Majority of the Ayta tribe are living in occurrence of poverty. Basic necessities like potable water supply, health, livelihood, and education are unavailable. Villagers have to hike further up the hills and some have to resort their means of living elsewhere. Worse, price of their yields are commonly dominated by the local traders who takes advantage on their plight. This is attributed from not having any educational background and necessary life skills. Through this, they become susceptible to exploitation.

This predicament prompted the foundation to implement the project “ Development of Literacy and Training Assistance for Indigenous People” in partnership with the United Parcel Services, International and UPS Foundation, whichcommenced in December of 2005. Around 140 working youths and adults, alongside with 491 other family members from the communities of Bucaran, Malabni, Tirya, and Sampalok are being provided with basic skills in reading, writing, counting, and significant life skills through the trained Community Educators and developed self-learning modules. Series of trainings on crop production, livestock raising, handicrafts, pottery making, native jewelry making, food processing, product designing, and enterprise management were also being conducted. Meantime, the foundation strives to explore possible partnership with other agencies to sustain and reach out other indigenous communities in the province.


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